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Khawaja Moinuddin travelled to Medina. He stayed devoted for a long period there as well. “O Moinuddin, you are the advocate of our religion,” the Holy Prophet declared in a ‘Basharat' (prophetic dream) one night. We entrust India to you, where darkness reigns supreme. Travel to Ajmer. The darkness will go and Islam will shine as a result of your presence. Allah will assist you. Khawaja Moinuddin was overjoyed by this ‘Basharat,' but was concerned about Ajmer's geographical location. He was shown a map showing the exact location of Ajmer, its surrounding hills, and the fort in another spiritual contact with the Holy Prophet

Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti arrived in India in the year of grace in 1191 AD, and travelled to Delhi through Fort Shaadman, Multan, Lahore, and Samana (a town of the old Patiala state). He spent 40 days in Lahore at the shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh, a famous saint who arrived in India before Khawaja Sahib and was revered and loved in the Punjab. In honour of this wonderful saint, Hazrat Khawaja Muinuddin delivered the following Persian couplet as he left Lahore.

It is easy to imagine that the Khawaja Sahib's arrival into Delhi in such a hostile environment must have tested his and his few followers' fortitude and tenacity to the limit, particularly their trust in Allah. Even when his looks enraged the citizens of Delhi, nothing could deter him or prevent him from carrying out his steadfast goal. A citizen's deputation addressed Khandey Rao, Raja Prithviraj's cousin and the governor of Delhi during his reign, and easily got these instructions for Khawaja Sahib and his few friends' immediate deportation from Delhi. Instead of evicting Khawaja Sahib from the spot, whomever went to carry out the order was so irresistibly overpowered and subjugated by the great saint's magnetic charisma and caring demeanour that he was forced to listen to Khawaja Sahib's speech and join Islam. This was the great saint's first miracle on Indian land, which astonishingly destroyed all prejudice against his faith and replaced it with a strong fondness and regard for him. As word spread across the city, people began to throng to him in ever-increasing numbers, eager to adopt Islam.

Miracles of Khwaja saheb

Before going to India, Khawaja Moinuddin is said to have made two Haj pilgrimages to Mecca. However, Hajis (pilgrims who visit Mecca during the Haj) who visited Mecca during Khawaja Sahib's time in Ajmer bore witness to the fact that they met the great saint in Mecca personally during the Haj every year on their return to India. It was, without a doubt, one of his wonderful miracles. How he accomplished this accomplishment 700 years ago in the absence of any contemporary methods of transportation is a riddle beyond human comprehension, yet it is a reality backed up by eyewitnesses and history. He was observed at both Ajmer and Mecca during the Haj time. There were many more incidents where he showed his magical powers.