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This Free Help For Online Ziarat (Darshan) Is For All People of The World Irrespective of Any Religion,Culture or Gender discrimination. if in case you are unable to come personally, yet you can take part by sending your hearty contribution the amount of Chadar , Flower , Langar (Foods ) Nazar-o-Niyaz

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Big Degh Mannat

BIG CAULDRON (DEG) & SMALL CAULDRON (DEG) Special Niyaz of Khwaja Sb's Darbar:


Ajmer sharif khawaja garib nawaz deg booking you can now book your deg online. Ajmer online deg book Ajmersharif deg booking Mannat deg ajmer Mannat ki deg booking ajmer sharif. Contact - 8107021795, 9587298146

These are being provided for cooking sweet Rice only.

Deg : Booking

  • (A) Big Cauldron - isoffered by the emperor Akbar, 120 mound ( 45 quintal / 4800 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice with 'Ghee', Sugar, Rice & all Dry fruits.(RUPEES INDIAN 1,51,000/- )
  • (B) Small Cauldron is offered by the emperor Jahangir. 60 mound (24 quintal /2400 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice only, preparation is same as above. (RUPEES INDIAN 80,000/- )


You must have knowing that from the ancient time there are two degs(cauldron) are installed at Darbar-E-Khwaja. The big deg is 37 feet wide and 4800 kg. sweet rice is being cooked in this deg. In which rice,ghee, cashew-nut, almond (badam), pistachio (pista) and saffron are being used. Emperor Akbar after fulfilled his cherished hearty desire,as a token of his gratitude towards Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) offered this deg. The small deg is 22 feet wide and 2400 kg. sweet rice is being cooked in this deg. The above mentioned ingredients are use in this deg also. This small deg was offered by emperor Jahangir. Sweet rice is being cooked only in these two degs. Not 'Biryani' or 'Pulao' Because the devotees from every religion use to come over here and eat this niyaz.

During this Urs Sharif there are lacks of devotees use to present at the Darbar. Rich and poor people from every caste and creed use to stay at Dargah Sharif with family and eat this niyaz daily. The niyaz of these two degs are very special for sweet rice (zarda). People use to take away this niyaz as much as they can take and also take with them to their country to make it dried and eat as a tabarrukat for through over months at home.

Regarding this, I am inviting you specially that you tell your relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and the devotees of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) about this special niyaz and during the Urs take part in preparing this niyaz for one time. This is a kind of auspicious deed and as well as a Khidmat towards Khwaja Sb. (R.A.). A solvent devotees as like you can prepare jointly with everybody. So, by your well earned income, take part in such niyaz. Inshahallah, by the grace of Allah Pakk and for the sake of Panjetan Paak (A.S.) and through the mediation of blessing of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) you will attain best return for this service, In ordinary days, you can also prepare the degs, either big or small.

For your kind information I would like to say that the cost of preparingthe big-deg is Indian Rupees 1,51,000/- and the small deg is Indian Rupees-80,000/-. In this niyaz, if one persons contribute $50 or $100 each then Inshahallah. jointly this deg can be prepared you can present yourselves to join or can send the Hadia from there through Bank draft by registered post to me. Inshahallah, it will be utilized in this niyaz (Chishtiya langar) on behalf of you by which your 'Hazri' also will be accepted.

Any one can make this Deg of Darbar any time.If you want to cook Deg then don't waist Time. Note: Here are the photographs of the Degs (preparing Niyaz and its distribution)

Choti Degh Ajmer

The Big Deg is 37 feet wide. It was offered by Emperor Akbar. The Specialty of this Iron Deg is that though quintals of woods are being burned under Deg, but the upper part never gets hot sweet rice is cooked in this BIG Deg.

Ingredients e.g. Rice,Sugar,Zafran,Dry Fruits,etc. being poured in the Deg SCENES OF NIYAZ & LANGAR

Scene of Distribution of Niyaz (Sweet Rice) in Darbar Sharif after preparation.

Showing distribution of food to DEVOTEES at Jahangir's time.

List of Material of Cooking Small & Big Degs.

Big Cauldron Bade Deg:-120 mound ( 45 quintal / 4800 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice with 'Ghee', Sugar, Rice & all Dry fruits.

Indian Rupees : 1,51,000/-

Small Cauldron Chote Deg:- 60 mound (24 quintal /2400 kg capacity of preparing 'sweet rice only, preparation is same as above.

Indian Rupees : 80,000/-