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Khawaja Moinuddin describes his spiritual initiation as follows. “In all the assembly filled with all Starwalt spiritual personalities I had got an opportunity of going to Hazrat Usman. In serious regard, I lowered my head. Hazur Usman requested two ‘rakaats' of Namaaz from me (prayers). I completed the task. He then gestured for me to take a seat facing the Kaaba (Mecca). I completed the task. He advised me to recite ‘Subhan Allah' (God be thanked) 60 times and recite Darud Sharif (praise and blessings for the holy prophet and his family) 21 times. I completed the task. He then rose up and held my hand in his own, looking up at the sky, saying, "Let me offer you to God." After that, he trimmed my hair with scissors and requested me to sit down while wearing a unique Tarki cap (Kolah Chahaar Tarki).

He then requested me to recite the Quranic passage ‘Surah Ikhlas' a thousand times. I completed the task. "There is only one day and one night of Mujaheda (probation) among our people," he said, "so go and perform it now." As a result, I spent one day and one night in prayer before returning to him. He told me to sit down and recite the Surah Ikhlas a thousand times. That is exactly what I did. He then urged me to “look to the heavens.” “How far do you see now?” he said as I did so. Up until Hijaab-e-Azmat, I stated (dazzling glory of God). Then he said, "Close your eyes." I did so, and he ordered me to "open your eyes" after a little moment. That is exactly what I did.

“What do you see through them?” he told me to show my two fingers. I said, "I see 18,000 Aalam," and I meant it (worlds). “Now your task is done,” he commented when he heard this. Then he motioned for me to pick up a brick that was lying nearby. When I had done so. Under it, I discovered several dinars (gold coins). He requested that I give them to the poor and needy, which I did. After that, I was told to stay with him for a while.”

Khawaja Moinuddin claims that his Murshid, Khawaja Usman, drove him from Baghdad to the Kaaba (Mecca) in 562 A.H. when the master prayed for his disciple's prosperity and redemption. ‘O Usman, We have accepted Moinuddin as one of our dear devotees,' said a ‘Nida' (voice) in response to his prayer. (Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardy claims to have been present in Mecca at the time of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti's visit.) Khawaja Usman then drove Khawaja Moinuddin to Medina, where he urged him to pay his respects and salute the Holy Prophet Mohammed's shrine.

Day’s with the spiritual master

When Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni went on one of his travels with Khawaja Moinuddin from Harwan to Baghdad, all historians describe a magnificent miracle. They had a great fire temple at Ray, which was a large center of fire-worshippers, where 20 wagonloads of fuel were consumed daily to keep the fire burning for the entire 24 hours. Under a shaded tree, Hazrat Khawaja Usman stayed. While he was praying in the evening, he requested his servant Fakhruddin to light the fire and prepare some food to break the fast for the day. Fakruddin approached the fire worshipers and pleaded for some burning coal to start his fire, but they refused, saying, "This is our god, we cannot give you any fire." The attendant returned and informed his master of the situation.

Hazrat Khawaja Usman then went to see an old man named Mukhtar seated on an elevated wooden platform with a 7-year-old kid in his lap, and a large crowd of people worshipping the fire around him. Hazrat Usman inquired that why they were worshiping fire, fire is just a tinge of God’s energies. So by his service, you will be saved for eternity. Still, why don’t you worship lord.?”

Hazrat Usman then took the kid from the old man's arms and recited, "Bismillah-Ar-Rehman-ir-Rahim-Yaa Naaro kuni bar da-wassalaam-un-ala-Ibrahim." He vanished into the scorching fire (in the name of the merciful and compassionate God, O fire, be cool and a cause of protection for Abraham) (Quran). The worshipers of fire began to weep and scream. Hazrat Usman emerged from the flames, unharmed, with the kid in his arms, healthy and hearty, after some time, by the grace of God. They will never get any harm by fire.

After seeing this miracle, all the fire-worshippers converted to Islam and became Hazrat Khawaja Usman's loyal followers. Following Islamic tradition, Mukhtar's name was changed to Abdulla and the boy's name to Ibrahim. Hazrat Usman lived in Ray for two and a half years, imparting the new converts the essential Islamic teachings and lectures. In place of the fire temple, a beautiful mosque was constructed in Ray, which still remains today.

“One day, when the day-of-judgement comes, when all-prophets, saints, and Muslims will be interrogated by God Almighty about their responsibility to ‘Namaz,'” Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti says, “one day, when my Murshid Hazrat Usman said, “When the time of Judgment will come and all prophets, saints, and Muslims will be examined by the Judge (prayers). Those who have performed this task precisely will be spared, but those who have not, or who have been slackers, will be sent into Waile, a hellish well where the punishment is severe.”

Another excursion with Pir-o-Murshid is recounted. “We were on a journey, when we approached the bank of the river Tigris, it was severely overflowing amid a severe storm,” Hazrat Khawaja Usman, Khawaja Muinuddin recounts. I was bothered by the fact that I had crossed it. Hazrat Usman sensed my fear and instructed me to "shut my eyes." That is exactly what I did. After a little while, I opened my eyes to find both him and myself on the opposite side of the river. How did it happen, I inquired reverently? “We recite Al-hamd Sharif (Surah Fatiha from the Quran) five times and crossed the river,” the great Murshid stated.